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Amy Kowal



Amy is a unique healer, with talent in wellness, spiritual development, energy healing, and beautifying the face and body from the inside out. She has an innovative, holistic, and heart-centered approach to esthetic skin and body care, and soul healing.


Amongst her many healing gifts is Amy's innate propensity to embrace elements of nature while utilizing cutting-edge science in her esthetic art. She uses modern energy frequency devices which are natural tools for skin to improve its quality and create a healthy glow you can brightly shine with. To add fuel to the beautification fire, Amy creates her own completely organic and natural products infused with Quantum Healing Energy and exquisite oils to magnify healing benefits and raise your vibration.

As an Ordained Minister for the Universal Life Church, Amy is a conduit for crystalline light who is able to heal soul and space trauma through the transmission of light coded frequencies, vibrational healing, and energy transfer. She brings together highly effective natural products, guided imagery, sound, energy and light healing, crystals, essential oils, and much more with personalized custom treatments. 

A natural teacher, Amy enjoys sharing how to love and nurture yourself by taking excellent care of your body, mind and soul.



Amy's certifications include:

  • New York State licensed Esthetician
  • Ordained Minister for the Universal Life Church
  • Certified Reiki practioner
  • Inner Diamond Light Frequency practioner
  • Diamond Dowsing practioner
  • Certified Hypnotherapist




Amy Kowal

P: 646.932.2240

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F: 845.896.9822



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