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Amy Kowal


Beauty Specialist


Amy is a one-of-a-kind Beauty Specialist, with talent in wellness, spiritual development, and beautifying the face and body from the inside out. She has an innovative, holistic and heart-centered approach to esthetic skincare.


Amongst her many healing gifts is Amy's innate propensity to embrace elements of nature and earth while utilizing cutting-edge science in her esthetic art. She uses modern energy frequency devices which are natural tools for skin to improve its quality and create a healthy glow you can brightly shine with. To add fuel to the beautification fire, Amy created a luscious skincare line. She blends completely organic and natural products infused with actual crystals and exquisite oils to magnify the healing benefits and raise your vibration many fold.

What's so amazing about Amy's work is that she brings together highly effective natural products, sound and light healing, crystal healing, essential oils, and much more with an outstanding state-of-the-ART custom treatment. 

A natural teacher, Amy enjoys sharing how to love and nurture yourself by taking excellent care of your body and skin.

Chris Hooks Ekawu

Personal Trainer


No beauty regiment would be complete and fully effective without physical exercise. Chris is just the person to get your body into tip-top physical condition and maximize the results of your Tripollar Apollo sessions. A native of Nigeria, Chris has been living in the USA since 2000. He is a graduate of Globe Institute of Technology where he received a degree in Sports Management. He is currently attending Brooklyn College where he is pursuing a degree in Physical Education. He has been training his clients for over 10 years and works at the Princeton Club providing strength and conditioning training to squash, tennis, basketball, football, track & field, and rugby players. He also works with elderly clients doing rehabilitation. Let Chris design a customized exercise program and instruction to transform your body and keep you progressing and thriving. He provides the utmost in professionalism, personal service, and consistency. With a proven history of delivering serious results to his clients, he can offer you his services at your home, private gym, local park or outdoor space.


Amy Kowal

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Chris Hooks

P: 646.641.8723


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