I am very passionate & careful about things I consume both orally and topically. We all live in very toxic and cruel environments. The food we eat is filled with pesticides and most are genetically modified organisims (GMOs) that are made to withstand increasingly harsher applications of pesticides. If a bug eats the GMO plant it will die when it's stomach explodes shortly thereafter. The animals we eat are fed with antibiotics, genetically modified plants, many times their own deceased ground up babies, and they are subject to the most horrifying methods of being raised and slaughtered. The cumulative effects of these horrors present themselves in your body as disease and on your skin as aging.


Many skin care products on the market are filled with harsh preservatives, formaldehyde-donors, fragrances and dyes that cause dryness and sensitivity. These products are absorbed by your skin and enter your blood stream to aggravate the conditions being caused by the toxic foods you are eating. Additionally, they include only very small percentages of the active ingredients for which they are charging outrageous prices. You will literally spend hundreds of dollars on a product that will produce a slight result in 3 months of daily use - if you're lucky!


The products for sale by Reviva Skin & Body Solutions are made with natural ingredients such as botanical extracts and vitamins. They may include high performance peptides and active ingredients formulated in percentages designed to get you the changes you desire in a short amount of time, all while respecting your wallet. These products are not tested on animals and do not include any animal derived ingredients.


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