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You will need to go to the Rodan and Fields website to create an account and place an order. You can either do this on your own, or I would be more than happy to help you do this.


There are two levels of pricing - Retail and Preferred Customer (PC). PC's receive 10% off retail pricing and free shipping. There is a one-time fee of $19.95 to set up a PC account, but the savings on the cost of the products, and special promotions, will make up for that quickly.


Please be advised that PC accounts also will be put on a 60-day autoship. However, you are not required to make a purchase every 60-days and can delay your autoship as long as you need. I do keep track of my clients autoships and check in with them prior to the date to see if they want to delay the autoship, order different products, or order more of the same products. You are NEVER under any obligation to make a purchase. But I am sure once you start using these products you will fall in love with them just as I have.

To order go to:


  • www.rodanandfields.com
  • Hover over Shop Skin Care with your cursor
  • Click on the product line you want to buy
  • Click on the item(s) you want to buy
  • Click on Check Out
  • Scroll down for either Perferred Customer or Retail under the New Customer heading
  • Follow the prompts and enter my Consultant ID # 8053962, or my name Amy Kowal
  • Select my information and continue
  • Continue following the prompts

Sample Pricing Information

Product PC Price Retail Price
Redefine Regimen $179 $199
Redefine AMP IT UP (with Dermal Roller) $297 $331
Reverse Brightening or Lightening Regimen $171 $190
Reverse AMP IT UP Regimen (with Dermal Roller) $225 $251
Unblemish Regimen $162 $180
Soothe Regimen $153 $170
Active Hydration Serum $97 $108
Lash Boost $135 $150
Eye Cream $55 $62
Hand Treatment Regimen $63 $70

The products are designed to last you for 60-days. However, a small amount goes a very long way, so they should last you longer. Follow up purchases may not be as considerable because you may only want to purchases select items and not the complete regimens.


Additionally, as you see the results transforming your face right before your eyes, you will be happy to see you haven't spent your money foolishly.


Amy Kowal

P: 646.932.2240

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F: 845.896.9822



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