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*** Due to Covid-19 restrictions and concerns - all services for facial and body treatments involving contact with bodily fluids have been suspended. ***


We are offering Tarot Therapy by email; Remote and In-Office Reiki Energy Healing; House Dowsing and Space Clearing at your home; Rodan and Fields & Young Living product and membership sales.

At Reviva Skin and Body Solutions our clients look to us, the professionals, to decide what we need to do to get their skin, body, mind and spirit into their optimal potential. We pride ourselves on providing high quality, effective, natural treatments. Our approach to skin, body and soul care is a serious one where we take the time to consult with you and listen to your concerns. We then customize and focus our treatments on solving your problematic issues.


All of our treatments are offered to men, women, and teenagers - with special treatments for pets and your own personal living/working spaces.

Free Consultation available, call or text now 646-932-2240.

Tarot Therapy


Tarot card readings offer insight on soul development, provide spritual guidance, present different alternatives for consideration, and bring clarity.

Reiki Energy Healing & Dowsing


Holistic healing for the body, mind, soul, pets and living/work spaces via Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Dowsing, Aroma & Aound therapy, and crystals. Healing can be combined with facials or massage.

Product Sales


Whether you are looking for skin care products, essential oils, or the latest technology in skin care rejuvenation devices, we have you covered!

Facials and Peels


Customized facials and treatments available for Acne, Anti-Aging, Aromatherapy, Sensitive skin, Rosacea, Brightening and Exfoliating, and Dry Skin.

Fat Melting & Skin Tightening


We utilize radio frequency technology to regenerate collagen & elastin, tighten and tone the skin, improve the appearance of cellulite, and reduce body circumference by melting fat cells.  Free consultation available.



Full release of back tension and stress through the use of radio frequency or aromatherapy via Raindrop Technique.


Amy Kowal

P: 646.932.2240

    (text ok)

F: 845.896.9822


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