Join us in expanding your knowledge about issues related to healthy living, essential oils, meditation, and skin care. We conduct classes every month at our Fishkill location, unless otherwise noted. Spacing is limited, and a R.S.V.P. is absolutely required. There are no current group classes scheduled.


R.S.V.P.'s can be emailed directly to Amy:

or phone/text 646-932-2240.




Private instruction is available by appointment.



Meditation 101 - Many people are afraid and intimidated to meditate. They claim their mind can't stop chattering long enough for them to calm down. There are different styles of meditation, each suited to different mind-sets. In this class I will teach you a form of active meditation where you can keep your brain active while lowering your blood pressure and heart rate, and syncing your brainwave patterns to achieve a light Alpha state. We can meet at a serene outdoor or indoor location where you will learn how to enhance your protective energetic field, to release personal energies you no longer need, and begin an energetic healing process. The more you do your meditation practice the stronger and easier it will become for you.


Mineral Makeup Application - Mineral Makeup is a much healthier alternative to the cosmetics sold in drug and department stores. I use Savvy Minerals by Young Living, they are preserved natually and have only a handful of ingredients. People love the look of mineral makeup, but it can be challenging to apply if you are new to it. I will teach you which shades of color work best for your skin tone, how to highlight and contour your face, how to do a natural daytime look and a glam evening look, tips and tricks for achieving a look that was done by a professional.



Amy Kowal

P: 646.932.2240 (text ok)

F: 845.896.9822


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