What Type of Home Do You Have?

Quantum physics teaches us that everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Scientists are discovering what spiritual teachers have know for a long time: thereis a unified field of Oneness, and we are all connected through this unified field. Humans are becoming more aware of this field as we move into higher levels of consciousness.


Scientific instruments can measure our brainwave patterns. (Please visit the BrainTap page to learn more about human brainwaves by clicking on this link.) Did you know our homes hold brainwaves too? The brainwaves of our homes have a big influence over our own personal brainwaves. We can change the brainwaves of our homes through the use of dowsing.


Brainwaves of Homes

Beta Brainwave Homes: If our homes are in Beta, they tend to be cluttered, chaotic, dirty, and lacking in harmony. We may feel the desire to organize, but can't seem to get it done. Homes in Beta tend to have alot of divorces, conflict and death. House plants die easily. Cities that are in Beta attract more crime, drugs, and addictions. Beta brainwaves bring us down, we feel stuck and unable to initiate change in our lives. If you have a higher brainwave pattern then your home, you won't like spending time at home, you will look for any excuse to stay away.


Alpha Brainwave Homes: When our homes are in Alpha, the space is peaceful, cohesive, uplifting, comfortable, welcoming, clean, and orderly. There is light in the home and the doors and windows are open whenever possible. The entrance to the home is very important and it welcomes others into the space. Children want to spend more time there and they attract friends and playmates to the house. You may have to ask people to leave because they love the energy and want to stay. Places in nature that are in Alpha are gardens, oceans, mountains, waterfalls, and streams.


Theta Brainwave Homes: When our homes are in Theta, they are colorful, simple and without clutter. There is not too much nor too little ofanything. There is a perfect flow. There is also a vibrant feeling in the home. A Theta home is the best place to live.


Delta Brainwave Homes: Places in Delta are on the tops of mountains and inside temples. They feel passive, Zen-like, peaceful, and clear. There is a feeling of nothing and everything; a feeling of reverence and grace. It is good to have at least one room inside your home that has a Delta feeling to it.



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