Remote Energy Healing

Energy transcends both time and space. It has no boundries, no limits and cannot be destroyed. At the level of vibration there is no separation, everything is One.


Since we are all pieces of the same non-physical source energy, our nervous system can go beyond the constraints of physical time-space reality and retrieve information from the energetic field. If we can access this information consciously, and intend to connect with another being with our thought and hold them in our thoughts -  then through the laws of Harmonic Resonance, our consciousness will find theirs.


Distance does not matter, energy healing does not require close proximity. Energy is transferred from the healer to the recipient through invisible energetic lines or meridians.


A remote healing session works in a similar way as an in-person session. At an agreed time the recipient relaxes in a comfortable position where they will not be disturbed and goes into meditation or just becomes quiet and still. Based on our prior consultation I will go into a deep meditation, connect with your energtic field and use my Quantum Energy Healing techniques to channel healing energy into your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.



Humans $33 30 minutes
Pets $22 30 minutes


Amy Kowal

P: 646.932.2240

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F: 845.896.9822


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