Facial Testimonials

Gina G. - I am so pleased with the results from my last facial visit!! It's noticeable to others even. My skin's texture is much smoother and the blemishes and acne cysts have lessened a great deal. Thank you so much!! 

Lizzie K. - My skin looks amazing!!! I can't stop looking at myself. Thank you!! Clear and tight. Wow!

Jeanne K. - I had the Red Carpet Facial and my skin is glowing! Amy is AWESOME!! If you need a facial after this freezing winter, you must get this facial!!!!!!!

Sonia V. - I guess one could classify me as a spa "hopper." I've been to various spas for facials throughout the years, some VERY well known and others I and other patrons I'm sure would like to forget.  The reason I never became a regular at any of the spas I visited was because I would always break out horribly a day or two after the facial.  It seemed as if the esthetician would slather on whatever suited them and it wasn't tailored to my specific facial needs.  I visited Reviva for the first time last week and here it is five days later and not a new blemish/spot or discoloration in sight, not to mention the marked improvement or complete disappearance of the ones I walked in with.  Amy took the time to analyze my skin, explain what she was going to do and then did exactly that, in a comfortable, soothing and relaxing setting. When my treatment was over Amy took the time to explain what I could do to help maintain my now glowing skin as well as answer all of my questions.  I'm sure if I have any other skin concerns I can ask Amy at my next appointment! 

Crystal V. - Amy's facials are both relaxing and thoughtful. She really cares about getting the best results for your skin. It can be hard to find an esthetician who isn't just "going through the motions," but Amy is very invested in every treatment she gives and strives to make each of her clients beautiful. Thanks Amy!


Amy Kowal

P: 646.932.2240

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F: 845.896.9822



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