Radio Frequency Fees

Fees vary based on body part, treatment time needed, and amount of product that needs to be used.

Body Part Treatment Time per Session Single Session Fee Package of 8 Sessions
Arms (Upper) 60-min $120 $650
Back (Bra Fat) 30-min $60 $320
Back (Love Handles) 30-min $60 $320
Butt (Glutes & Saddle Bags) 45-min $90 $500
Calves 45-min $90 $480
Decollete 30-min $60 $320
Face 75-min $150 $800
Forehead 15-min $30 $160
Knees 45-min $90 $500
Neck 45-min $90 $500
Stomach 45-min $90 $500
Thigh - Front 60-min $120 $650
Thigh - Back 60-min $120 $650

Elizabeth D. - Once I hit 50, I noticed that my stomach was getting bigger, so much bigger that I had to go up a pants size.  I tried dieting and stepping up the activity, nothing budged that menopause gut.  So when I heard about the Tri-pollar machine and Amy, I thought I would give it a try.  After 8 treatments, I am now back in my smaller pants.  The treatments didn't hurt (there was some redness but that disappeared quickly) and I didn't change my diet or spend hours in the gym.  The fat just melted off and there was an added bonus of a significant decrease in the appearance of my stretch marks.  Amy was very thorough and considerate of my "issues".

Diane F. - Since receiving my Tripollar treatments I have noticed an overall skin texture improvement, reduction of pore size, softening of fine lines and wrinkles, and an end to my adult acne resulting in not having to continue to see the dermatologist.

Crystal V. - The first time I received the RF Treatment with Amy was on my eyes. I had been planning both a wedding and a transcontinental move simultaneously. I was stressed and run-down. I looked tired and I desperately needed something to bring life back into my face. About 3-days after the first treatment I couldn't believe the vast improvement I saw!! The dark, concave pools under my eyes looked brighter and more even. The dehydrated lines gathering at the corners of my eyes had plumped out! The overall quality and tightness in my skin had improved - just with the first treatment! I looked like I had finally gotten an incredible night's sleep. looking brighter definitely translates into my mood being brighter.


Amy Kowal

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F: 845.896.9822


Chris Hooks

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