Raindrop Technique Testimonials

Arlene D. - Was fortunate enough to have the great experience of having one of Amy's Raindrop treatments. Her expert touch and paired with the great smelling essential oils led to a relaxing plus healing experience. I left invigorated and refreshed when it was all over. Would highly recommend a massage or facial (which I had done previously) to all. Both are therapeutic as well as presenting phenomenal results.

Stacy S. - Excellent Raindrop Technique. Enjoyed the uniqueness of using the Young Living healing oils. Amy was fabulous. An amazing body treatment. Perfect pressure.

Brittany M. - Amy makes you feel comfortable and amazing. She is able to skillfully tell when to apply pressure and when to back off. The Raindrop Technique is fantastic and I truly recommend it.

Aida C. - I started Raindrop Technique with Amy 9 months ago and it is the best decision I have made in 2017 so far. What I love most about the treatment is that it is NOT just for the body. Anyone can get a massage and feel great for a few hours afterwards, which is why many people get massages on a weekly basis. The Raindrop Technique Amy does is for the SOUL as well as, the body. The fact that she tends to the Physical as well as the Spritual part of my being is what makes her extraordinary! After Amy is done with the Raindrop Technique I can literally feel myself renewed and freed of all that hinders me both physically and mentally. Kudos to Amy for providing such a great service. You have truly made a difference to my spiritual being. Thank you!

Sheila V. - The Raindrop Technique is awesome! It makes me feel relaxed and rejuvenated. I would tell anyone this is a great treatment to have because it is the most mind-clearing, relaxing, and spiritual connection they will ever experience with a massage. Amy is fantastic! I would recommend the Raindrop Technique to anyone and everyone. Thank you Amy!


Amy Kowal

P: 646.932.2240

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F: 845.896.9822



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