Basic Tarot Card Readings

General 30-Day Info Reading


This reading looks at the energies surrounding you over the coming one month period. You will get messages from both Oracle and Tarot cards as well as Crystals.


General Love Reading - Singles


If you are not in a relationship this reading will look at the energies surrounding you, who the new potential love interest is that will be entering your life, how you will meet, how you will feel about each other, and your potential future with this new partner.


General Love Reading - Couples


This reading looks at the general energies currently surrounding you and your partner - the blessings and challenges of your relationship, what they are thinking/feeling, what you are thinking/feeling, and your future potential. This reading can be modified if you are presently broken-up.


Career and Finance Forecast


What is your mindset when it comes to money and abundance? What are the energies surrounding your career and financial situation right now?  What is the opportunity for change in this sector of your life?


One Burning Question or Issue


When a General Reading just won’t do. You have a very specific question or issue you need guidance on.


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