Situation Specific Tarot Card Readings

One Burning Question or Issue


When a General Reading just won’t do. You have a very specific question or issue you need guidance on.


Separated Hearts


You and your loved one are in separation, taking a break, not speaking to each other, getting a divorce. What are they thinking and feeling about you? Should you wait or move on? Will you reunite? What do you need to know about this situation?


Twinflame/Soulmates Past Life Connections


What journey were you and your twinflame/soulmate on in your last lifetime together and how does it influence your lives today?


Which Path Do I Choose?


Are you at a cross-roads? Need help making a decision? Should you stay on your current path, or do something or someone different? What would have happened if you made a different choice in the past? This reading examines two options you are considering and a 3rd unknown path.


Yearly Reading


Whether it is New Year’s, your birthday, or just anytime of the year that you want to know what the coming 12-month period holds for you. This all-purpose reading explores the energies, experiences, and opportunities in store for you.


Messages From Heaven


Have you recently lost a loved one and wish to connect in with them? In this tarot reading I connect in energetically with your passed on loved one to obtain information regarding their passing, what their current state of being is, and find out what messages they have for you. In return for their time, I provide them with energy healing and a karmic residue release to raise their vibrational frequency and heal any trauma they may have experienced during their time on Earth.


Amy Kowal

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