Spiritual Tarot Card Readings

Soul Mission


Prior to coming to Earth you worked with your guides to formulate a plan of what you wanted to learn, experience and achieve here to help your soul evolve. This reading incorporates Astrology and Dowsing to show you past life influences, and illuminates your soul’s purpose and mission so that you can begin living your truth and moving forward on your path of progress.


Past Life Reading


In this reading we zero in on a past life that is influencing you in the present day. Where was this life? What life experiences and events shaped you at the time? What karmic blessings and burdens did you incur? What lessons did you learn? How can you use this information to help you today? This reading incorporates Astrology and Energy Healing to release traumas associated with the past lifetime.


Future Baby Reading


The perfect reading for a new mother to get to know the soul of her coming child. Discover the past life connections between mom, dad and baby. What is the essence of the child’s soul and how evolved are they? What blessings and challenges is the baby bringing into this lifetime?  What lessons do they want to learn? What is their mission on Earth? What do they need from mom and dad to succeed in life?


Starseed Reading


Are you a Starseed? Do you feel like a stranger on planet Earth? Do you feel you don’t vibe with the people and society around you? Maybe others think you are a bit odd??? The average person isn’t going to be interested in this type of reading. So the fact that you are even considering it means you are a Starseed.  It’s time to awaken to your mission, your divinity, and remember your soul lineage. Emptiness, sadness, depression, longing for “home” will be replaced by the light coming from your particular Collective as you awaken. Find out where you are from and why you are here.


Chakra Reading


Chakras are energy centers within our bodies that store the energy of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, experiences, and actions. They are connected to important physical nerve centers within our bodies. Stress and trauma can cause our nerves to get frazzled and this causes blockages in the chakras which can then manifest as illness and discomfort within our bodies. This reading connects in with your chakras and gets messages regarding any disturbances in the energy flow. Dragon, Unicorn, and Angelic energies are consulted to clear out low frequency vibrations, impart protection, and open you up to high frequency energy. Additionally, dowsing and reiki are used to rebalance the chakras, get energies moving in the proper direction, and release trauma.


Mediumship Reading


Have you recently lost a loved one and wish to connect in with them? In this tarot reading I connect in energetically with your passed on loved one to obtain information regarding their passing, what their current state of being is, and find out what messages they have for you. In return for their time, I provide them with energy healing and a karmic residue release to raise their vibrational frequency and heal any trauma they may have experienced during their time on Earth.


Twinflame / Soulmates Past Life Reading


What journey were you and your twinflame/soulmate on in your last lifetime together and how does it influence your lives today?


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