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Emily Y. - Chris is the optimal balance of knowledge, encouragement and discipline. He has helped me attain specific goals while pushing me harder than I can push myself - without resorting to a "drill sargent" style. I have seen him resonate with a variety of clients; from athletes to former athletes, to recreational gym-goers, to those who have never work out. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chris as a personal trainer.

Coleman C. - I love training with Chris. Not only is he knowledgeable, but he is super positive and always gets me pumped up to workout. Chris also listens well; there is good communication between the two of us during training sessions which helps me achieve my goals.

Dustin N. - Chris is an excellent trainer and a true professional. I've been working with Chris for 18 months and have never been in better shape. Chris makes training both challenging and interesting by constantly introducing new exercises - using every tool at his disposal in the gym. He know exactly where to find the balance between pushing, motivating, and supporting his clients. He is a pleasure to work with.

H.F. - Chris is the best trainer I have ever worked with, both for general personal training and boxing. He knows how to motivate to get peak performance, and is also sensitive to the individual's current physical condition. I have lost weight and am in better health since I started with Chris and I plan to continue working with him.

Sun P. - I have certain ambitions in Squash that I want to meet which require me to improve my movement, strength and body balance. However, I've never worked out in the gym because I am not a strong believer that weights could improve my squash game. That's when I met Chris who made me understand that the gym room does not have to be all about weight lifting. I started training intensely with Chris this past summer. I told him my goals and he came up with a training regimen which did not include any lifting at all, just mainly using my body weight - which is what I wanted. We started doing boxing, pylometrics and intensive core work outs. Since then I have seen a huge improvement in my Squash game: enhanced explosive movement, powerful strokes developed from a stronger core, and stability from a solid body balance. I have become a new player. More importantly, I enjoy the sessions! Chris keeps the sessions interesting by switching it up all the time, adding in new useful and creative exercises. It's definitely more fun than lifting weights and in my opinion, more effective. I will continue to have Chris on my team as I continue to work towards realizing my passionate goal.

Kusum G. - Chris is not only a great Personal Trainer, but he is also a great human being! I have been working out with Chris now for a year, he keeps it interesting and fun! I love it!!!

Michael S. - Chris is a terrific trainer. He will motivate you when are feeling lazy or unmotivated, and he will push you to 'shock the body" in ways that will wake you up and wake up your muscles. Chris is patient and will work with you to acheive your goals - and all the time maintain a positive and friendly disposition. Chris is genuinely a nice guy and I look forward to working out with him.

Romain L. - I have been working with Chris for several years now even though at first I was reluctant to start. He convinced me I had to alternate from Squash - which was the only sport I was doing regularly before doing sessions with Chris. When we began he customized the trainings for me - he went progressively in terms of intensity and difficulty. After a few weeks I was able to notice the progress and it really looked like an achievement to me! Now we have our "routine" but we still alternate exercises. Chris now focuses on certain parts of my body to improve my Squash game.



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