Waxing Treatments

At Reviva Skin & Body Solutions both men and women can experience a special, customized waxing treatment unlike any other. We use waxing products by Satin Smooth, a luxury line of waxes that is made of bee's wax from Italy - where bee's dine on vegetation that is lush and pure and stringent laws on the procurement of the wax exist. The product is rich in Vitamins A, C, D, and E and includes buffers like Titanium Dioxide and Argan Oil built into it to protect your skin from damage and irritation. Some of the waxes are infused with essential oils like Tea Tree, Lavender, Acai Berry, and Calendula for additional therapeutic properties.


Your treatment will begin with a cleansing of the area to be waxed. Our Satin Smooth Cleanser does not contain alcohol which will strip your skin's pH balance, dry it out, and cause hair to break. The Cleanser relaxes the pores for easier hair removal and has soothing and moisturing ingredients like chamomile and glycerin.


A wax suited to your skin and hair type will be selected (we have 14 different waxes to choose from) and applied to your skin. We are very concerned with sanitation and DO NOT double-dip our spatulas.


After the area is waxed we will remove the residue with Satin Azulene or Satin Release. These post-care products will also condition and moisturize your skin with natural ingredients like sunflower and almond oil. Then we apply Satin Cool, an aloe vera based gel that instantly cools and further calms the skin, reducing post-waxing discomfort. Finally, we finish with our Satin Hydrate lotion which will help to nourish and moisturize your further.


We strive to make your treatment as pleasant, soothing, and dignified as possible.



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